I am Michael Pallister. I’m 29 years old and I am a Web Developer from Middlesbrough. I enjoy building websites and my passion is in front end development although I’ve got a quickly improving skillset when it comes to back-end development too.

I have been building websites and messing around with the web ever since I got a computer in my teens. I always knew from a young age that as I got older I would end up doing something that involved me using a computer on a daily basis.


I’ve worked on all kinds of projects ranging from small sites with a few pages to large complex dynamically driven e-commerce websites. Some of the skills I’ve developed along the way are:

I also have experience of working in a team, managing my own projects and my own workload whilst working towards tight deadlines.

I am always looking for freelance work so if you’re looking for a front end developer or have something you’d be interested in speaking to me about then please get in touch - michael@micp.co.uk